Morocco’s big day

All through the Middle East we’re seeing a strange phenomena. People are rising up and demanding more from their countries’ and their governments. These aren’t people who live in wealth, but are your average middle class and poor.

What has this world become that these governments who have ruled for decades should turn on their peacefully demonstrating citizens with live bullets, clubs, tanks, water hoses and tear gas? A happy citizen is a productive citizen. These people just want jobs, a roof over their head, and food to feed their family. Maybe they’ll visit the doctor once in a while, or send their children to university instead of peddling stuff on the streets to make a coin.
What does it say about these leaders who choose not to sit with their citizens and work together for a better future, or reach some compromise? What does it say about Western governments that sit idly by and issue asinine conviction-lacking condemnations against our allies, and even our enemies, whilst they kill and injure their citizens?

Today yet another Arab country will rise up. We hold our hearts in our hands as we see these people putting their lives on the line, even after witnessing what’s happened in Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, Bahrain, Libya. Morocco, we wish you love and peace, and we hope your country is kinder to you than the others. Corruption and dictatorship can’t stand a chance to a united people fighting for their very survival.

The people united will never fall. Your hearts and souls connect across state lines, oceans, races and religions. We will see tragedy, and enough martyrs to break our hearts, but our resolve is strong. The people will fight for their freedom even if it kills them. Every man, woman and child deserves to live without fear. An absence of freedom is to live in fear. Morocco, Libya, Bahrain, Algeria, we stand with you!! May Allah keep good watch over you and protect you as you fight for your very lives.

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