Libya – No Fly Zone

Ever since the passing of the resolution yesterday by the UN Security Council for military intervention and adoption of a “no-fly zone” in Libya, I have inundated myself with scores of opinions on the subject.  Many of my friends seem to be of the belief that this will turn into another Iraq or Afghanistan, is more US imperialism, and invasion of another Arab nation for oil, amongst the reasons why the no-fly zone is a bad idea.

On the other hand, when the resolution was passed, the people in Benghazi rejoiced.  Admittedly, they think it’s a bit late, yet they appreciate the international assistance. I did my research and it appears that the resolution was brought up for a vote as a result of the direct request by the Arab League of Nations.  As it relates to possibly curbing a potential massacre by Qaddafi on Libyans, I support the no-fly zone. However, I will admit there appears to be something suspect about the Arab League’s willingness to get involved in Libya’s fight, when their own nations are in similar states of unrest, and they are dealing with the situation in a similar fashion…i.e. police and military attacks on civilians.

Not one to believe the lies that exit a politicians’ face, I want to believe that the leadership role to be undertaken by the US, UK and France has more to do with military might. I want to believe Obama’s statements to the effect of this being a brief operation, days not weeks or longer, and just enough to take out Qaddafi’s military operations to prohibit him from committing mass genocide on the citizens of Libya.

I think it’s safe to disregard any notion that Obama et al is doing this purely for humanitarian reasons, else they’d have taken decisive actions on Bahrain, Yemen, Tunisia and even Egypt. Of course, this is a double-edged sword, for had they taken any action on those countries, the west would once again come under fire for having imperialistic aspirations.

In Libya, there is no right or wrong move, no clear cut answers can be provided as best course of action.  For action or inaction there will be critics on either side.  The only people who are truly losing, are the innocent civilians who’ve lost their lives in the desperate quest for freedom and a decent livelihood, no more than any one on this planet would like. If the NFZ is successful with minimal civilian casualty, and all proceeds as desired by the UNSC resolution, Libyans stand to gain a new life.

But life, as we all know, does not go according to plan, despite the best of intentions. Potential ramifications include Qaddafi making good on his promise to go “crazy” and commits genocide of epic proportions;  this escalates into a full-scale war; the US & UK are left to handle the situation; Libya becomes occupied by one or more of the “coalition” forces; etc, etc, etc!

There are no easy answers, all we can do is hope for the best. We hope this can be a lesson to other countries who feel the need to revolt.  We understand your need for freedom and democracy.  We want this for you. However, in Tunisia, that happened by chance, a small but manageable population, college-educated for the most part.  Egypt’s revolution’s planning had been in the works for a very long time, it was organized, and had a sense of direction and unity.  Just because it’s happened successfully twice, doesn’t mean that every one under oppression is quite ready.  Take your time, devise, unify, plan ahead, make contingencies, and then implement. May all who live under repressive regimes and under occupation and oppression have the freedom and peace they desire. But until then, never lose hope!

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  1. whisperingspirit says:

    I’m not a fan of military action at all. However, the way this has been approached is closer to the response in Bosnia than the invasion of Iraq. I do give President Obama some credit for allowing the situation to unfold through the International direction rather than approaching it from a “US must invade” approach. I, however, continue to be disappointed that our President’s both now and in the past have continued to violate the Constitution through military action without Congressional oversight. I also wish the hypocrisy of our actions would cease. If we are a nation that believes in human rights, then we should stand up for them everywhere, including at home. This means calling out Israel, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia.


    1. goldenrox says:

      I understand, and I agree with most of what you say. I think we’re in a situation where you’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t as relates to the military action. The question remains, should/could we have sat by and just watch a mass genocide occur by Qaddafi? We don’t know to what lengths he’d have gone, and a lot of people are against the NFZ. For those that oppose the NFZ, I haven’t seen them offer a viable alternative, other than to let the people of Libya continue their fight. If Qaddafi was able to recapture Benghazi from the rebels, where exactly would the Libyans be? Would all the lives lost thus far have been in vain if Qaddafi won? How long should we have just watch all this take place knowing the rebels in Libya were ill-equipped to deal with a lunatic?


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