The Bin-Laden Dilemma


I believe that Osama Bin Laden has been dead for a number of years, and was not indeed killed on May 2nd, 2011, as our government would have you believe. I have absolutely no proof to support my claims so no one has to agree with me – it’s just my own convoluted mind jumping to it’s own conclusions. I’ll tell you why I believe so, just for the bloody heck of it!

1) For a man who’s supposedly on dialysis and suffering from kidney disease, there’s been no talk of any medical equipment being recovered. Or him having left the premises to go for treatment. Apparently one can live within a compound for 5-6 years and never leave, or run an international organization without having visitors or any activity that would lead the neighboring CIA local office and Pakistani military base to realize who you are and take you out without fanfare. Live in an “affluent” neighborhood and have no fellow citizens gossip about who you are and why no one ever sees comings and goings from the house.  And of course, since all homes in that neighborhood have sentinels strolling the perimeter daily, this was no alert to anyone that someone of import might be living there.

2) The number of inconsistent stories coming out of the White House, Obama’s speech that there was a firefight (turned out there was none), no civilian casualties (wife and son killed), buried according to Islamic rites  (Islam doesn’t permit burial at sea), wife being used as human shield and being killed (wife supposedly “charged at” the Navy Seal who then shot her in the leg).

3) The US has not been shy about using unmanned drones to drop bombs and take out supposed “terrorists” in Pakistan, civilian casualties be damned (how many times has this happened? quite a few dozen?) So why not use a drone to take out this house, and all its occupants? Why a stealth attack in the middle of the night? Oh, I know, so we could recover  “evidence.”

4) If OBL has been planning further attacks on US soil, how come none have come to fruition – ohh wait, it’s because we always foil the actions beforehand, because we ALWAYS know when and where.  Thank God!

5) Benazir Bhutto said OBL was murdered – back in 2007 during an interview.   She seemed pretty confident, and for some reason, I’m more willing to believe her.


6) This point is niggling at me, over and over again – I don’t know what the relation is, but it just won’t leave me alone, maybe one day it will become self-evident.  Just days before a major military/CIA action, Obama announces the re-shuffling of his cabinet, naming General Petraeus as Director of the CIA from heading up operations in Afghanistan and moving Leon Panetta from Director of the CIA to Defense Secretary.  There is something very, very odd about the timing of this and what happens in the next few days.

7) Obama’s seeking re-election, so this is a huge coup for him. He’s surged in the polls, and even Republicans like him now. I can just see the re-election advertisements – “Obama, tough on National Security! He won’t let the terrorists live!! blah blah blah”

8) Strangely, George W Bush declined Obama’s invitation to join him at Ground Zero to mark the death of OBL. Since Bush made his presidency about getting OBL Dead or Alive, pushing the US into two wars, bankrupting the nation, you would think he’d be happy and want to celebrate the “death” of his nemesis.  But no, he doesn’t! Why is that? Did he know for some time now that OBL is dead, and laughing at the farce being played out?  Did he know, and transfer this information to Obama, to use at a convenient moment, possibly to get re-elected? If anybody knows the tricks to getting re-elected and into bamboozling Americans, it’s George W!

9)  Assuming that OBL is the person that was at the compound and was killed, etc., let’s address proving who he is.  The first report was that OBL was identified using DNA evidence, and comparing it to a sister who died at a hospital in Massachusetts – since then, that information has been withdrawn, and no longer is there talk of DNA, etc.  (As yet, anyway). In any case, identification from a sibling would have about a 25% validity because he’s an only child for both his parents (together) – and one of 50-something for his father. Which begs the point, couldn’t it have been a brother?  Or even one of his 12 (or more) children?

I can debate this for a minute – let’s assume that was true – his identity was confirmed after the kill. Point 1) So if he was not OBL, an innocent man, and others on that compound would have been killed.  Point 2) OBL was a man known to have doppelgangers – and with his resources, more than likely to be true. So, under cover of dark, wearing night vision goggles I’m assuming, a NAVY SEAL, spots who he assumes is OBL, shoots him in the head, shouts Geronimo EKIA, snaps a pic, sends it to analysts to then confirm. Again, if not him, then an innocent who happened to look like him?

10) Why would the most wanted man in all the world, with so many resources, not have his face restructured?  Why would he hole up in Pakistan? One of the most volatile places presently?

Maybe I’m over-reaching, seeing things where there’s nothing to see, but given the uprisings in the Middle East taking place, was it the smartest move at this time by our government to intrude on the sovereignty of an ally, invade their airspace and perform a military action? How would we respond if China did the same to us?

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  1. datGurl! says:

    i cant see why people want to see a conspiracy here. what purpose would it have served to keep this mans death a secret for years after his death as you claim? was this a plot by barack obama even before he got into the wh to do this and take the credit? this conspiracy had to included hundreds if not thousands of people and why would they all line up to let this Black man take all the credit?

    Sure the inital stories may have a few lil technical inconsistancy but what do you expect when this was such a delicate mission in the first place. they were prepared for the fact he might not be there. And they were prepared to die if necessary.

    I think you and the rest of the naysayers should just accept the gift Obama and the SEALS gave America as it is presented and stop the conspiracy theories.



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