Cutting the umbilical cord between Politicians and Corporations

We seem to be going round and round in circles with the Tea Party’s disgust for government and the Occupy Wall Street’s disgust for corporations. We cannot deny that we would be in a much better place if there weren’t corporations lobbying our politicians to draft legislation that benefitted these companies. There is a simple solution: Do not cast your vote for any politician in any election that received money from a corporation or special interest.

We’ve talked in the past about campaign finance reform, McCain-Feingold legislation which has so many contingencies and loopholes that still leads to politicians being bought by special interests, lobbyists and corporations. We don’t need legislation to say we can give x amount to this politician, however if we donate to this PAC or this Super PAC we can give up to 10x more, or worse. We as a people can exercise our legal and civil rights by not voting for ANY candidate that has received any contributions.

It’s simple really – the only candidates we support and vote for are the ones who opt for the public funding – i.e. a government grant set aside for any candidate who wishes to run for a public office. No other monies. If a candidate endorses any PAC or Super PAC ads, we DON’t vote for them.

1) We know campaigns are expensive, yet we can determine the resourcefulness of each candidate and observe his/her financial acumen.
2) The mud-slinging will stop – why waste your little resources on mud-slinging when you have a message to get out.
3) Revert to the old-days where politicians were accessible and listened to the needs of their constituents.
4) Make technology work – the Internet is free, social networking is free, and if you have a good message, media coverage is free.
5) Word-of-mouth and the grassroots movement can be invigorating, stimulating and far more powerful. Just look at the Occupy Wall Street movement how fast and wide it has grown in just the last month, with little to no media coverage.
6) Before long, politicians will get the idea that we are serious.

We are in control of the people we elect to office. Without our votes they will never get there. Why have we allowed control to shift to the special interests and corporations?

I will issue a challenge – research your Congressman and Senators – if they are up for re-election next November, figure out who they are beholden too – i.e. their biggest campaign contributors. These are the folks they are working for, not you. Withdraw your support. Can we change the face of politics in this country?

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