Over-Population? Sustainability? Climate Change?

Goodness gracious, seems it’s been a while! I guess when you finally decide to do one thing, a million other things decide to occur at the same time.  Of course, being a procrastinator, this does serve a purpose.  Just one more thing to say I’m going to get to.  In the past couple of weeks I’ve started writing a screenplay, which, for the most part is going very well, and partly why I’ve been absent from the blog. The other reason is a work project which seems to occupy my mind a whole lot trying to figure out the best way to accomplish it.  A pattern I’ve been seeing lately, is that I should just jump into to it and the rest will follow, because the more I think on it, the less likely I am to do anything about it.  

Apart from all that, I decided to take a few minutes and read a book I bought a while ago. Inferno, by Dan Brown.  I’m such a huge fan of Dan Brown, I learn so much about history, art and religion from his novels. What more is there to life? It helps all else make sense, right? I’d love to be that kind of writer!! I won’t spoil it for anyone reading this, but basically the book has to do with the subject of overpopulation.  This is something I have thought about for a very long time.

The Earth’s population now stands at seven billion. 7 BILLION.  In places like India, China, and the U.S. we are seeing huge explosions in populations.  There is a birth every 8 seconds, and a death every 12 seconds.  With the industrial age came all sorts of industry that consumes and pollutes our natural resources.  The technology age brought us advances in medicine allowing people to live longer.  There will come a point where we lose the ability to sustain ourselves.  There was a report recently completed by NASA that indicates at the current rate of global warming, resource exploitation and the vast disparity in wealth distribution we face an inevitable collapse in civilization.  

This won’t be the first time this happens.  Ancient empires all suffered at the hands of unsustainable growth.  At the risk of being perceived as authoritarian, I used to think that there should be government imposed limits to the number of children a family might have. But we’ve seen that’s done nothing to curtail population growth in China. The most fascinating thing however, is that in developed countries we are seeing underpopulation and an aging population, for example, many European countries are facing this crisis.  There are always two sides to a coin.  

I often wonder too, why people continue to have children? As I look forward, it seems bleak for future generations.   Climate change, droughts, sickness (viruses are becoming far worse than they have been for some time), politics,  the disparity in wealth, pollution, rising oceans, questionable food sources exacerbated by the fact that to sustain a large family that is poor to middle class means more processed and genetically modified foods, antibiotic and hormone treated meat and poultry, which leads to more disease, more disease means more man-made medications, which if commercials today are anything to go by, the side effects are often much worse than the disease, and lead to other diseases.

We live in these little bubbles, particularly here in the United States, where we think that by refusing to acknowledge anything outside of our day-to-day lives that we are somehow insulated from all that is happening globally.  It is not so.  There’s a reason this planet is round. It’s all a circle. We are all affected.  The resources used by one middle class family can possibly feed, clothe and house 10 poor ones, and when a wealthy family spends $$$$ millions, that could have fed, clothed, housed and educated 100 families.  I don’t begrudge wealth. We all want to be financially independent, doing work we love, because we want to, not because we have to. How much is enough?  $5 million? $10 billion? 

I try not to take medicines if I can help it. I try to buy organic and cook fresh foods as much as possible.  I’ve stopped eating junk foods or things that have ingredients that are chemical. No sodas, or store bought juices. Instead I buy fresh fruit or drink water. I buy almond milk, and my yogurt comes from rbst-free milk farms.  If we can help sustain the local farmer or grow our own produce eventually these prices will come down.  Why aren’t we as consumers doing more to demand more healthful foods? Why aren’t we taking small measures to not waste anything?  Don’t buy farmed fish, in fact, at this point because of the declining fish populations, I think we should eat less fish till the oceans can be revived.  We’re consuming too much. Our trash lies in landfills and at the bottom of the oceans. We’re killing fish, and birds, and the bees.  Without the bees there is no pollination. Without pollination there is no natural growing of fruit, flowers, vegetables, plants, trees.  Without plants and trees, there is no oxygen. When we consume hundreds of pounds of meat and poultry, we do irreparable harm to the environment. The ice in Greenland, the Arctic and Alaska is melting at an alarming rate, because of the things we do in our day to day lives.  When we drive gas guzzling vehicles, or make ten trips a day, when maybe two would do.  When we decide that we should drill for oil and gas, and mine for coal, we are killing ourselves.  

We are writing our own demise.  We should be advocating for sustainable farming, seeking renewable energies – we are blessed with free sunlight.  We have beautiful oceans pounding and bursting with energy. The winds blow freely.  Why aren’t we harvesting that? I read a report that wind turbines can significantly reduce the force of a hurricane, making it less intense.  I would have wind farms building along every coast line. I would have solar farms across every desert, and panels on every house. What do we need to have happen for us to see that if we don’t get involved in the process, and force the hands of the politicians and business leaders, we forever remain at their mercy. 

If you have children, or you plan to have children, you owe it to them and the next generations to become more aware and active in politics and seeking a more sustainable future. If you don’t, why even bother?  You’re just adding to the problem. 


**My thoughts are just a little erratic on this subject.  So much to tell. So much is connected.



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