My Response To “Black Lives Matter Democrats” Podcast

This post addresses certain critiques that were made to the Black Lives Matter platform which was released in early August 2016


Obama, Peace President, As If!!

I’ve been reading my Twitter and Facebook newsfeeds and increasingly see police action against Occupy Wall Street demonstrators. Not only in New York, but all over the US. Tonight there’s talk of police raids in San Francisco and Oakland.  Is the US not a democracy and every citizen guaranteed the right to assemble peacefully?  Aren’t we afforded the right to speak…

Cutting the umbilical cord between Politicians and Corporations

We seem to be going round and round in circles with the Tea Party’s disgust for government and the Occupy Wall Street’s disgust for corporations. We cannot deny that we would be in a much better place if there weren’t corporations lobbying our politicians to draft legislation that benefitted these companies. There is a simple…