An Inspiring Day

Today was quite a wonderful day! I was just in a really great mood all day, I had a spark of genius, and I laughed.  A lot.  It started early on today when I received an email invitation to participate in an teleconference over the weekend.  Ordinarily this might cause trepidation, but the subject matter is something in which I am very interested.  Screenwriting.  A part of me has always felt like my path lies  in making films, and no matter how many times I try to move away from it, something always seems to bring me back.  One of these days I will pursue this wholeheartedly.  Who knows, maybe this teleconference will be the kickstart I need.

Which brings me to the spark of genius I experienced.  Many times I get inspired and I would jot down some notes for a novel, a story, a screenplay, or something.  Many months ago, I had a good idea for a novel, but as life happens, I made the notes and forgot all about it.  I went back to my notes today, and found the idea I had.  I was able to tweak it significantly resulting in what I deem a pure stroke of genius.  It lays the foundation for a piece of creativity in whatever form it ends up being –  a novel, short story or screenplay.  I’ve been feeling quite excited at the prospect of working on this project.  Ideas just keep flowing.  Wish me luck!!

I’m very easily amused.  I laugh. A lot.  Stupid jokes seem funny. Life events are funny.  I just love to laugh.  But my hubby was the one who made me laugh tons today.  I love that I can be stupid and silly, and he enjoys it.  I love that we have the same sense of humor and he knows exactly what to say to get me to laugh out loud.  I love that we have a thousand nicknames for each other and we answer to all.  I can’t write the things he said, because a lot of it is rated R, and this is a G rated blog.

Then I went to a fellow blogger’s site, and his post today was on poop. Or rather our embarrassment of what happens naturally.  I had tears streaming down my face, I was laughing so hard.  If you have a chance check out his blog – he’s really a great writer –  Today’s post was “The Jesuit Standoff.” If you haven’t experienced anything like he’s described, you must live on another planet.

Life is good, even on the days that you don’t think it is, it really is good.  Bad things end.  I find that counting my blessings – being grateful for the things I have, the people I encounter, my friends and family, and my work – all add to the great quality of life I enjoy.  Sometimes I get down, who doesn’t?  As long as I remember that after the rain comes the sun, the rainbow, and clear blue skies.  If we live in appreciation for all we have and laugh a little bit more every day, who’s to say that life won’t be exactly how we want it to be?  We determine our future.  And our present.

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