What a day!

Today was quite a day. Here’s a brief re-cap. Got into a few disagreements with folks on FB.  Will get into that in a few. Ahh, my shining moments.

  • Gaddafi made a rambling, ranting, raving speech that still has many people confused. Threatens to execute Libyans for their uprising. Meanwhile, he’s losing territory, the Libyans are more united than ever, across tribes and across Libya with the one goal of toppling this raving tyrant.  Many lives lost, but as heard by one Libyan tonight on CNN, he is finally proud to be Libyan! He is free. After 42 years, he is a now a proud man. This is the mentality of these people living so long under this tyranny.
  • Earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand. At last report over 75 dead, 55 identified, hundreds are still missing.  The NZ government is expected to declare a state of emergency throughout New Zealand.  My prayers are with them.
  • Folks killed on a yacht after being hijacked by pirates in the Indian Ocean – The Gulf of Aden which is otherwise known as Pirate Alley.  These weren’t novice sailors. The couple was in their 7th year sailing the high seas. It’s just me, but if cargo ships can be hijacked, what regard would the pirates have for a family yacht?  No one deserves what happened to them, but maybe Americans need to stop feeling so invincible in international territory and exercise a little common sense and caution?
  • Wisconsinites returned to work and Governor Walker speaks and threatens big layoffs if the Democrats don’t come back and vote on his ridiculous bill. Euuff. What more can I say about Wisconsin? A new Governor, really trying his hand at screwing his citizens, big tax breaks to businesses, take away the rights of teachers and other public employees, cut benefits, union-busting, ahh yeah, just more Republican ideals. Screw the middle-class! It’s big-business that gets you re-elected, and makes nice big donations to your election coffers.
  • Now Indiana, Ohio and New Jersey are following suit. For the middle-class, cut benefits, raise costs, welcome to the New Normal. For the wealthy, no changes. In right-to-work states on average, employees make $5500 less than other states.  Private sector employees make, on average, $10,ooo less than unionized employees.  Will America wake up and smell the coffee?
  • Israeli Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, contends that Iran is provoking Israel, because they’ve decided to take two warships through the Suez Canal into the Mediterranean. As if! Mr. Lieberman, provocation is when a bomb is dropped on you. You should be intimately familiar with this concept since you’re so proficient at dropping bombs on Gaza. Instead of the news outlets asking what the U.S. needs to do about this latest development, why are they not asking why did the US veto a UN resolution to stop building Israeli settlements illegally on Palestinian land?  Like I said before, Israel, if you stop doing bad things to good people, you won’t have to live in fear of the Arab world. But you know what you’re doing, and so now, you’re very jumpy.
  • Rahm Emanuel, newly elected Chicago mayor. Holy Cow!! From White House Chief of Staff to Mayor? Is it just me or does that seem like a demotion to anyone else? Gah, I could go on about Mayor Emanuel and the White House, and his history as an IDF soldier, or his comments on Gaza and Palestine, but that would take a whole other post in and of itself.

So there’s my news for the day. See my next post for my little broo-haha on FB 😀

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