Life’s Dance

Have you ever felt like you’re shaking all the time from a shot of adrenaline?  I feel this stimulation that something’s going to happen, and I sure hope it’s a good thing!

We take so much for granted everyday – a walk or drive down the street, to work, to school, to shop, yet there are so many things happening all in tandem for the actions we take.  If I became my spirit form and rose above the clouds to look down on the Earth, what would I see? A dance.  We all have a role on this planet – a part we play in the grand scheme of things. There is order in our chaos, and everything depends on the other, or works in conjunction with, and though some would like to think that our very insignificant actions do not make an impact, sure enough, it does.

What actions are taking place right now that’s causing changes in your life as you read this? Whose decisions will impact your life two weeks from now? Thirty days? Two years? Who will happen to be where you are five years from now, sitting on a park bench in a seemingly chance meeting, that was determined by a decision he or she made today? That you made today?

Life is that – a dance. A step made in the first three seconds sets the pace and the placement of the steps that come two minutes later.  Whose story are you writing, or helping to write?

Nothing we do happens in isolation.  When you decide to drive a more fuel efficient car, or eat non-GMO organic foods, or vote in an election, it is your actions, and the actions of a thousand partners acting in unison that will help to effect some change on this planet, because somewhere down the line, these seemingly nothing decisions, has a huge impact on the rest of humanity.

We only get once chance to leave our footprint on this planet.  Are we really doing everything in our power, no matter how small, to leave this Earth as beautiful as it is today for the next generation and generations to come?  We’ve already seen the Arctic melting at an incredible rate.  Are we doing enough to reverse the damage already done?  Every time you look at the blue sky, the green leaves on trees, the blue oceans, think of how you can reduce your consumption, your dependence on fossil fuels, change your eating habits for healthier alternatives that is also good for the environment.

If we don’t do our little part, who will?

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